• 13Feb
    Author: Katherine Pisana Categories: Education Comments Off on The Google Generation vs Dumb & Dumber


    “It’s very dangerous to simply stereotype a whole generation, give it a label [and] put it to one side…”

    Dr Ian Rowlands

    Have you noticed that the concept of ‘information overload’ is becoming less popular? It seems it’s being replaced by the idea of the evolution of a ‘dumbed down society’. Now, this video is of a presentation given at the Open University, UK by Dr. Ian Rowlands of the Centre for Publishing at University College London. During the video, he discusses the idea of the Google Generation and how children who grew up immersed in a technology-rich environment are developing into a ‘new breed’ of student. I just have a question I wanted to release into the blogosphere – a question that came to me while watching the webcast:

    Until recently, the argument was being put forth that in today’s world, the PhD is what the Masters degree was 15-20 years ago, and the Masters degree has the perceived value of the Undergraduate degree of the 1980’s. But, if society is ‘dumbing down’, then doesn’t that mean that reflective students are becoming a valuable commodity again? Or…are we becoming too ‘dumb’ to see the value all together?

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