• 14May
    Author: Katherine Pisana Categories: Technology Comments Off on Power Browsing

    To me, power browsing is a process of learning that involves drilling deeply into a subject while concurrently exploring information through connected research tangents. It often if not always involved the use of the Internet and other complementary technologies. It’s a really intense process in which one cycle of browsing can often take days if not weeks to complete. The end of one cycle often smears into the beginning of a new one and can sometimes lead to a feeling of information overload.

    I’m writing about this topic today because we’ve been talking about it online in one of my course forums and I’m realizing that power browsing is rather broadly interpreted. Where one person may understand it to be an intensive ‘information web’ building exercise where nodes are connected and layers of inter-related content are stacked on each other, another person may understand it to be a skimming process in which the power browser speedily scans information to just get the general idea.

    What do you think power browsing means? …and do you do it?

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